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Is your Child a Chatterbox?

by Rosanne Lorraine | September 9th, 2008 | Elementary

Parents cannot help their excitement when their child utter his first words. But this excitement turns to annoyance when the child’s chatter becomes uncontrollable. Often, speaking louder and more often is a child’s way to attract attention, a tactic used by adults as well. You need to realize that this is quite normal, but you also need to know that there is a fine line between being a normal kid and being a chatterbox.

Talking is encouraged in today’s environment, whether you accept it or not. Early on, babies are exposed to “baby talk”, and they are encouraged to speak even before they understand language. In addition, they are also left alone with televisions, radio talk shows, and music, so they develop a strong attraction to the spoken word. It is your responsibility as a parent to let your child know the importance of keeping quiet when the situation calls for it. Otherwise, these seemingly cute and noisy kids will turn into annoying adults. Here are some steps that will enable you to achieve this:

1. When your child is still a baby, play soothing music instead of blaring television programs or rock music.

2. Talk to them to gentle tones. Discourage loud talking in your house or avoid arguing in front of your children.

3. Parents should not talk gibberish when addressing their children. You can talk sweetly, but your child doesn’t need to be spoken to in an unnecessarily loud voice to know your meanings.

4. When you’ve asked your child to talk to a waitress or other service personnel, check her tone of voice, the language she used, and the overall way she spoke the request. Correct her speech when appropriate.

5. Be a good example. If you’re talking nonstop with your friends on your phone or if you talk incessantly with officemates, don’t be surprised if your child turns out that way as well. After all, they look to you as an example.

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    thanks for this interesting post.so nice to read about how to teach a child proper respect for people.

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