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Is Wi-Fi Safe for Children?

by Joe Lawrence | July 15th, 2015 | Elementary, Safety

children playing on computer (400x400)There is a debate that has been going on for years, but is starting to gain more steam as of late. The question is: Are our children affected by Wi-Fi? I will give you my two cents…

The irony is that most of you reading this article are using a Wi-Fi signal of some sort to gain access. In fact, I am on a Wi-Fi network while writing the article. It is everywhere. There are very few stores that do not have a signal for us to tap into. Most work centers have a wireless network and even most schools do too.

There are parents who are constantly pushing back on the schools to remove the Wi-Fi. Many people call them crazy, but are they? It is a known fact that microwave radiation is dangerous depending on the level of exposure. Wi-Fi is a member of the radiofrequency electromagnetic field (RF/EMF) family along with radios, cell phones, microwave ovens and even some televisions. RF/EMFs are classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IRIC) as a Class 2B carcinogen.

Do not panic just yet. Radiation is all about exposure. The more you are exposed, the more danger you face. We have all been around radio waves and towers for almost 100 years and unless you are right within the fence of the tower, your exposure is almost nil. Wi-Fi is different. We emit the signal from within our homes and receive the signals on our bodies or close to them.

My cell phone is constantly in my pocket. Many use laptops on their laps. Children play with wireless devices on their laps. Then we want to boost the signal, because our internet is slow. These devices, unlike radios, offer two-way communication to the signal booster or router. So not only are they receiving the signal they are emitting one as well.

Some studies have been done and none that I have seen have created any major concerns of immediate harm; however, most of them do theorize the effects of our current exposure levels to have a long-term impact. Wi-Fi is not likely to go anywhere and the 30 years of exposure that could compound to major issues is very likely. Cell phone companies have been putting warnings in the fine print of their manuals for about five years now. However, no one except these “crazy moms” are being overt about any warnings.

Is Wi-Fi bad, I can’t say for sure based on the research I have seen. However, children react more adversely to the effects of radiation than adults due to their smaller masses and thinner skulls. It does not hurt to limit their exposure. My kids do not get the iPad unless Wi-Fi is turned off and we are constantly looking for more ways to limit their exposure. Although, I am not ready to protest the schools yet, I have learned over the years that these “crazy moms” are usually on to something.

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