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Is Peeking Really Cheating?

by Joe Lawrence | June 9th, 2009 | Infants/Toddlers, Pregnancy

I remember taking tests in school and how emphatic the teachers were about cheating on tests. I actually used to cheat just in spite of their warnings…what a rebel. When it comes to parenting, I still may be a cheater after all.

Recently, my wife had an ultrasound done at her midway point. Sadly, I couldn’t be there to experience it because I am sweating it out in the desert. However, she sent me tons of pictures that the technician had taken. It is so amazing seeing the little toes and fingers. I am jealous I couldn’t have been there to see the little one wiggle around.

We do not want to find out the gender until the big day mainly because we would be discovering the news separately but also because we are a bit old-fashioned and want to experience the surprise. Some people label learning the gender as cheating…I disagree, just not for us.

Another form of “cheating” in the baby arena is the 4D pictures you can receive. These pictures are awesome in that you can see numerous details of your forming child. They show birth defects like too many fingers or toes. Thousands of other things can be determined by these images. baby-lawrence

After posting one of these pictures on my Facebook account, I had a friend subtly call me a cheater. She said that these pictures are close resemblances to how the baby will look when born. I have seen some taken close to the delivery date, and I agree to a point. Using the gift of hindsight, I could see some features that appeared in the 4D. However, I never would have pictured the child’s actual appearance by viewing these images.

It is like looking back at people’s childhood photos and picking out features from their youth. You can see how they got their current look by looking back on these. If you were to look at this same picture without seeing the adult version, you would never picture the person’s appearance.

Therefore, I believe that I am not cheater. What do you think?

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