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How Your Kids Can Stay Safe at Their First Concert

by Editorial Team | November 22nd, 2017 | Teens

If you have older children, they will eventually want to explore the world and have life experiences on their own, without their parents. One of those experiences may be, for example, going to see their favorite band or going to a festival. Festivals are becoming more popular, and they are also getting bigger with thousands of people looking to attend each one. However, if your child wants to go to a festival or gig, they need to know how to look after themselves and stay safe. Here are a few tips to teach your children how to get the best out of their first gig.

Dress Sensibly
Festivals in some parts of the world are notorious for their bad weather. If your kids are planning to visit such a festival, they will need the appropriate clothing to protect them from the elements. Even if they are just there for the day, it is best to give them extra clothes in case they get wet. If they are going to be staying at the gig overnight, then you will need to make sure they have clothing that will protect them, especially if they are camping as temperatures will drop at night.

Choosing Tickets
Unfortunately, there are people that will want to sell tickets for gigs and concerts at a much higher price than they are supposed to sell. Avoid buying tickets at the gig unless it’s a specific hut, though it is best to get them in advance. There are many reputable sites such as that will have all the latest events and gig tickets. Doing it in advance will also prevent your child from carrying lots of cash to the festival.

Send them as a Group
It may well be the case that your kids will want to go to a gig with their friends. It is a good idea for them to go as a group as opposed to alone as they will be safer. It is also good to encourage boys and girls to sleep in their respective tents rather than sleeping on their own. The same goes for hotel rooms; young girls and boys should share a room to stay safe and also for the company.

Protecting Their Money
Even if you buy the tickets in advance, your kids will need to take some money with them for food and drinks. If they are taking cash, then it is important that they hide it from view when not needed. You can purchase special money bags that are hidden from view, or you can tell them to hide it in their shoes. If the gig has other payment options, then those may be a better idea. Many now take payment by PayPal and contactless to make it easier. All they will need then is a mobile with NFC capability to make transactions.

Festivals and gigs are a great way to see your favorite bands and make new friends while you’re there. However, it is important to make sure they stay safe and that they keep in regular contact with you.

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