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How to Teach Your Kids ‘Safety Smarts’ Without Scaring Them

by Editorial Team | March 16th, 2016 | Elementary, Safety

Tween-SafetyTeaching your kids how to be safe is important, but it could also frighten them. After all, they may not really want to learn that there are people out there who may want to hurt them, steal from them, or even abduct them, but as a parent, you need to teach your kids about these dangers in order to give them the tools and the smarts they need to stay safe.

Check out the tips below so you can learn how to teach your kids some safety smarts without scaring them.

Give Your Child a Tactical Pen for Self-Defense
When your child is old enough, teach him or her to carry around a small and discreet, yet effective, weapon, such as a tactical pen. This seemingly harmless item can be carried easily by your child in his or her pocket or purse, and it can be used to fend off an attacker using the sharp ballpoint that looks just like the pen that you write with. This type of pen also has a blunt end that can be used to break barriers, such as glass, if your child is ever stuck anywhere. And some of these pens even come with extra features, such as a flashlight.

Teach Them How to Recognize Suspicious Behavior
Another way to teach your kids to stay safe is by telling them the common signs associated with suspicious behavior. Even though not all strangers are bad and should be feared, your kids need to know that not all strangers may be friendly either. Suspicious behavior, such as faking asking for help, offering treats, faking an emergency, and faking authority, should tell your child to stay away from that person.

In addition to teaching your child how to recognize suspicious behavior, you should also teach him or her who to turn to during an emergency, such as a police officer or another adult with children, a store clerk, a teacher, or a security guard.

Have Your Child Take a Martial Arts Class
Martial arts classes are great for kids who want to learn how to defend themselves not only against adult predators, but also bullies who are the same age. And martial arts classes of all styles are also wonderful ways to give children a way to make new friends, gain confidence, and improve physical strength and stamina, as well as focus and mental clarity.

Teach Your Kids Not to Open the Door to Strangers
Whether your kids are home with you or they’re home alone, they should know that the doors should always remain locked and, if the doorbell rings, they should only open the door to family members they recognize.

Teaching your kids how to stay safe both while they’re in school and when they aren’t in school will give you the peace of mind of knowing that they’ll know what to do during an emergency or when they witness suspicious activity. Using the right methods, you can teach your kids the safety smarts that they need to know, without creating anxiety, worry, or fears.

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