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How To Raise Healthy Children

by Gumer Liston | March 3rd, 2009 | Elementary

kidThere are more overweight children today than there were 10 or 15 years ago. This is because more and more children today  lead unhealthy lifestyles. Today children spend at least five hours in front of the TV each day and eat unhealthy food. More and more children are not into sports and other physical activities because they’d rather watch TV or play computer games.

Who is to blame for this? We adults. Children are quick at copying what adults do; parents are the role models for children. Parents who spend their free time in front of the TV are more  likely to turn their children into couch potatoes. The bad eating habits of parents are also easily transferred to children. Children eat what they see their parents eat and what they see in the refrigerator; they eat what is available and not what they think is good for them. Children who spend much time sitting or lying down and eating the wrong foods are at risk of developing heart disease when they are older.

Parents who practice healthy lifestyle raise healthy children. It is the duty of parents to teach their children how to lead healthy lives. The best way to teach healthy lifestyles to children is by living it. Parents should stress healthy eating habits at home.  Never allow your children to eat in front of the television. You also should fill your cupboard with good food like veggies, fruits, and grains. Good food must be matched with good physical activities, so spend your free time exercising together with your children. This can be done by playing outdoor sports and games. When you spend your free time engaging in sports and other physical activities with your children it is not only good health that you and your children are gaining, you also strengthen your bond with them.

Children who learn early the value of healthy eating and exercise are more likely to continue such habits throughout their lives.  It is our responsibilities as parents to guide them to the road of healthy living.

  1. iceah says:

    now a days I am guilty of these points :c

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  3. Joel Gray says:

    Love your article and I agree we should live according to the advice we give our children and in keeping them healthy we should eat healthy and allow them to acquire the taste. Please visit my website for more information on how to raise strong healthy children in today’s ever changing society.

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