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How to Make Moving Home Easier for Children

by Editorial Team | March 13th, 2019 | Elementary

It’s an exciting and scary time when families move to a new home. Whether you’re just moving across town or going somewhere more distant, there’s a lot to remember. While adults have a lot of prep to do, the younger members of your household are going through a different set of challenges too. They might be losing their friends, and they might even have problems with sleeping. It can be an emotional time and the fact that the adults are already going to be busy and little stressed doesn’t make it any easier. If you want your family moveto be a little smoother, then here’s how to prepare your children for the move.

Be Ready for Reactions

When you tell your children that you’re moving, be ready for an emotional response. They might be angry at the decision, and they may be hit by sadness too. There’s a fear there also, so you need to reassure them. Make sure that they understand the reasons for the move, and don’t forget to acknowledge and talk through their fears. 

Control Expectations

The more that your children know what to expect, the better. If it’s possible to explore your new home beforehand with your children with you, then do so. Check out the local area, and show them the shops that you’ll be using, the nearest pizza place, and the new library. The more excited that you can get them about their new area, the more likely that they’ll start to get excited.

Allow Grieving

Children are inevitably going to be sad about leaving their bedroom or their friends. Make sure that they exchange contact details and take plenty of photos with their friends. Take a tour of where you live now, especially the parts that your children like the most. Let them say goodbye in their own way.

Be There

If you’re spending moving day trying to get the children out of the way so that you can load up, then you’re only going to add to their stress. That’s why using professional movers Charleston, such as Low Country Moving Specialists can be so useful. The more professionals that you have doing the hard packing and loading work, the more time you can spend as a family.

Hand Over Control

Children will be much happier about the move if they have some level of control over some new home choices. Let them design and decorate their bedroom how they want. Don’t make the mistake of using this as an opportunity to declutter their toys and clothes. It will only add to their feelings of loss.

Maintain Structure

You’re going to want to keep your household routine as close to ‘normal’ as possible. If you change things up too quickly, then your child may have problems when it comes to adjusting. There’s going to be a transition period, so don’t start changing too much in your household routine.

Children can quickly find that a house move is emotionally overwhelming. Remember, they will recover. It may take time, but the more that you can reassure them and keep things the same, the less time it will take for that adjustment to settle in. Highlight the fantastic home that you’re moving to, and the brilliant times you’ll be having in your new area, and they might even forget their fears and enjoy moving day.

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