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How to Look After Your Family After An Accident at Work

by Editorial Team | May 15th, 2019 | Elementary

One of the most important things that may be on your mind when you have an accident at work is how to look after your family while you are injured. This is particularly urgent if you have to spend a lot of time off work or have someone to care for you while you are off work. 

These tips will advise you how to look after both your family and yourself when you have had an accident at work.

• Speak to a Legal Advisor 

You should speak to a legal advisor immediately if you have had an accident at work as they will be able to instruct you on how best to receive compensation to combat any financial loss from your injury. Legal advisors can both instruct you on a case by case basis how to claim on your injury and receive the financial aid that you need, as well as preparing you in the event of a court case. At, their expert team of solicitors can help you to manage your legal claims and the next steps that you need to take for a broad range of claims and injuries so that you always be prepared.

• Speak to Your Employer About Sick Pay 

One of your biggest concerns that you may have is your financial loss affecting your family.  Different states have different laws when it comes to their sick pay, but it is not compulsory on a national level. However, you must be allowed unpaid time off for medical reasons. You should speak to your employer on whether they offer sick pay and how much they are willing to pay you for the duration of your illness. 

• Claim Compensation

Most employers will have insurance to cover the costs of your compensation, and so there should be no issues in requesting and receiving this. Most cases are even settled outside of court by a solicitor or legal team. However, if they do not pay the compensation that you need to make up for the financial loss which you have incurred, then you are entitled to go to court for compensation. In these cases, the judge will look at your medical notes and decide how much compensation it is right for you to receive from your employer. This will help you to protect your family in cases of financial dispute over an injury.

• Your Care

One of the biggest struggles for families is if you need care from your family after your injury as this can chip into your partner and family’s wages too. However, any time taken off to care for you can be compensated by the courts as a financial loss, and this is taken into consideration by a judge. You should try and delegate your care between a few trusted people, and the care of your family should also include finding appropriate childcare if need be, such as a family member or a childminder.

• Return to Work

Although returning to work can be difficult for you and your family, this can help to improve your financial issues. When returning to work, you should set up a discussion with your employer and arrange any accessibility features that you need to ensure that you are safe at work and can complete your duties.

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