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How to Handle the Summer

by Jacob P. | June 27th, 2011 | Teen Perspective, Teens

The summer has arrived, and it is in full swing. My school ended this week, and we got out late. So, it is now the time when students are home and bored. We may not admit it, but we get bored when we are not getting schoolwork thrown at us. So, we get bored and need something to do. So, here are a few ideas.

  • Get a job. I know, that isn’t the easiest option. If you are older, you can get a job at somewhere like a supermarket or Wal-mart. Sadly, this is hard in today’s job market. So, look at smaller local businesses. Sometimes they need employees because people overlook them. If you are younger or can’t find a full or part-time job, create a job. Work around the house for your parents or a neighbor. Do yard work. Clean the house. Paint something.
  • Do a sports camp. If you play a sport, going to a camp is a great way to spend time. Often, camps are even better at teaching you than a coach. They are run by college coaches or elite teams. They also tend to be cheaper than other camps and a fun way to spend time. Also, if the camp is put on by your team, you could get help from your coaches if they offer it.
  • Do a school project. My school assigns 30 hours of community service to finish sophomore year. So, you can bang that out over the summer. Also, you may get summer work for harder classes like an honors classes. Well, get that done early. Don’t spend the last week working. That’s not fun. Do part of it daily and finish fast. Same can be said for any other work from a group, like boy scouts or something.

So, don’t get bored this summer. Find something to do and keep this list in mind.

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