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How to Fit Studying In around Family Life

by Editorial Team | November 30th, 2016 | Teens

clockOne of the toughest parts of being a University of Illinois Health Informatics student isn’t the studying and expectations of student life it’s in fact learning how to balance your studies with your family life. Finding balance is a key to your success, as it will help to keep you grounded, happy, and motivated.

So what do you do when it feels like your health informatics studies are taking over and there seems to be no time left for your family? Not to worry as we’ve put together some techniques and steps you can use to ensure that balance is restored and maintained.

Set Your Alarm Earlier
If you spend your day rushing around and wishing there were more hours in a day to fit everything in, then perhaps your wish can come true. Try setting your alarm a half hour earlier. Although it doesn’t seem like much, that extra 30 minutes can make a massive difference in your life. It may be all you need to complete you tasks and then have that leftover time with family. It can also help to take away that feeling of being rushed.

Start Organizing Your Time
The idea of organizing your time isn’t very glamorous and most people aren’t fond of the idea, but the fact is that by organizing and scheduling your time it gives you a way to fit everything in. You won’t feel flustered going from one task to the next because it has been laid out in a logical manner. Simply refer to your list or organizer and work your way through things. Just be sure you also schedule a chance to relax with family.

Give Thought to Where You Live
Another way to save time when it comes to studies, allowing you more time for family life, is to choose to live near or right on campus. This cuts out the whole need for commuting time, which in turn cuts into your family and relaxation time. As a healthcare informatics masters degree student, this close proximity will end up coming in handy not just for class but even for studying purposes.

Make Sure Family Time is Guilt Free
Family time will only be enjoyable if it is quality time, which means it needs to be guilt-free. A good rule of thumb is to finish your studies and homework first and then enjoy the family time. This will allow you to completely relax and make the most of the downtime. You won’t be sitting there locking at the clock every five minutes and being distracted by all the work that is awaiting you.

Learn to Be Flexible
As much as planning and organizing can help, there are also times where you are going to have to just go with it and be flexible. When issues pop up don’t blame yourself, instead tell yourself that things aren’t always perfect and this is a chance to practice flexibility.

Creating that Perfect Harmony
Learning how to balance your school and family life will allow you to create that perfect harmony in life. It’s a great lesson to learn as you will be able to apply it to your career and personal life down the road.

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