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How to Fall Asleep When You Can’t

by Sam P. | November 26th, 2012 | Teens

We have all been in this position. Whether it’s because you have an exciting day tomorrow, or just had too much caffeine before bed and can’t sleep, it is insanely annoying.  There are numerous things you can do if you can’t sleep.  A few things that have always helped me are reading or drinking warm milk. But that doesn’t always work for everyone.   Some people may need to just relax their muscles, while others need to find ways to turn of their mind.  Whatever it is that makes you tick, I can help you ignore it.

  1. Read a boring book.  And certainly not something that you haven’t read before. If it is new and interesting you will get sucked into it and then your brain won’t be able to shut off. I suggest something that you normally wouldn’t read because that topic bores you, like a children’s book, but make it something that you have read before so you already know what will happen.
  2. Drink a glass of warm milk.  It’s very comforting and will soothe and relax your senses.  Microwave about a cup of milk for thirty seconds to a minute.  If you want you can add in a drop or two of vanilla and half a teaspoon of sugar for a bit more flavor.  A cup of hot tea can also work too as long as it is decaf.
  3. Lay in bed with your eyes shut.  Most people try to fall asleep by laying in bed with their eyes open telling themselves to fall asleep, but that doesn’t work.  The trick is to lay in bed with your eyes shut and to tell yourself that you have to stay awake.  I can guarantee that after just a couple minutes of this you drift off into a blissful oblivion.
  4. Lay in bed and do a form of yoga that will relax your muscles.  All you have to do is start with your toes and clench each of your muscles separately going all the way up to your head.  Then go back down. After this you want to start at your toes again and clench all your muscles but keep them all clenched at once. (Don’t forget to breathe! In through the nose, out through the mouth.)  Hold it for five seconds and then one by one release your muscles from your head down. This will relax your muscles and hopefully make you more comfortable.
  5. Get extra blankets. I can never sleep when I am cold so I normally have at least one extra blanket on over my comforter, if not two comforters! But if you are a hot sleeper you may want to consider peeling off a layer so your body temperature isn’t too high.
  6. Turn on a fan. I don’t know what it is about them but fans are one of the most comforting things I can think of.  I thoroughly enjoy the gentle breeze it creates blowing softly on my face. Plus, the sound is very soothing.

Well I hope this helps.  If you have any tricks to help you fall asleep please comment with them below.

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