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How To Cope With Your Separation Anxiety From Your Toddler

by T Akery | May 18th, 2011 | Infants/Toddlers, Preschool

Separation is a difficult moment for your toddler. They feel as if it is the end of the world that Mommy or Daddy is leaving them. The crying and screaming are completely normal. Unfortunately, the only way to end the torment is to leave your toddler behind. While there is a ton of advice on dealing with toddlers who have separation anxiety, there is very little to tell you how to deal with it.

You have to acknowledge your feelings on leaving your child. It is as painful for you as it is for them. The emotions are normal. Cry, if you need to. After all, there is no active little boy or girl running around getting underfoot all the time. The silence is deafening with no constant chatter and endless repetition of certain words. The house can seem like a very lonely place.

The best way to deal with your separation anxiety is to distract yourself. There is a ton of stuff you can do now that they are at daycare. You can tackle that big project that you have been putting off because little hands have been grabbing everything in their reach. You can actually have a clean house until after you pick them up. You can run those errands at the grocery store without a fit being thrown because you bypassed their favorite cereal or they wanted a candy bar at the cash register. You no longer have to watch cartoons. You now have something that is precious to all parents with children, alone time.

If you find yourself thinking of your toddler, grab their pictures and begin organizing them. Before you know it, the time will have flown by. Getting them organized helps you deal with your separation because you are holding pictures of them. They are priceless moments and getting a head start now will help you later on when they do come home. Just remember to clean up the photos before you pick them up. Otherwise, you might find that precious moment in a complete mess.

If you are finding yourself wanting to drive to the daycare, do it. Volunteer some of your time in their classroom. It will give you an indication of what they are learning and how well they are getting along with other children. Mommy or Daddy is still the number one person in their lives but now they get to have some fun with kids their own age. Just familiarize yourself with the rules the school establishes for visitors.

Time will help you to adjust to the new routine. Both of you will get used to the time spent away from each other. Soon, you will be looking forward to all the things you can get done in the time you have to yourself.

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