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How Teens Can Earn A Free Rein

by Sam P. | December 20th, 2013 | Behavior, Teen Perspective, Teens

teen looking downMany teenagers complain about not having any free rein and not being allowed to do anything.  But with that sort of trust from the parents comes responsibilities.  And many teens aren’t trusted with those responsibilities because their behavior doesn’t reflect that they can handle them.  If you can’t remember to take out the trash, or put away your laundry, how will you remember to text your mother when you get to the party that’s an hour away, or when you get home to an empty house?

I fully understand that a little space and trust from your parents is all any teenager wants, I want it too.  But sometimes we need to trust our parents’ judgement.  And sometimes we just aren’t old enough to do what we want, and that’s why our parents say no.  And if we don’t understand that, then we definitely aren’t old enough.

Growing up comes with duties, and your behavior has to mirror that.  You can act as grown up as you want, but if you still behave like a five-year-old, your parents will probably keep you on a tight leash.  The teenage years are tricky ones, but if you behave the age you are, you don’t get the trust most kids your age do.

Let’s say you’re sixteen and you have your license, but no car.  If there’s a party you want to go to, obviously you will want to drive yourself there.  You want to show off your new responsibility of being able to drive.  But if you whine and complain every time your parents ask you to do something and act like a five-year-old, your parents aren’t going to trust you with their car.  And you probably don’t deserve the reward of their car either.  If it were up to me, every kid should either have to borrow their parents’ car or buy their own.  By just giving a kid a car you spoil them and then they will always expect to get everything they want.  I have many friends who were just given a car, and some of them don’t deserve it.  They are rude to their parents and since the car is theirs, the parents don’t have a way of punishing their kid.

What I’m trying to say is your behavior shows a lot about you.  And in the teenage years it’s very important to have a good one.  If you don’t you certainly won’t receive the things you want, nor the free rein you are seeking.

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