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How Far Is Too Far?

by Louise | August 21st, 2008 | Elementary

I know that every parent wants to bring his child up with a healthy lifestyle. While this is a good idea, I must stress that you do not take this thought too far, specifically in the case of food. If you’re
not careful, being “too healthy” with your child might actually put your child in a worse position.

I’m not an expert, but I’m a teen. I know what’s going on among my peers. I also have seen the effects of parenting, both good and bad, on a child. One of my friends is a classic example of parenting with good
intentions but bad results. My friend’s mother insisted on completely keeping him away from “junk food”. At home, there were no soda, no cookies, no ice cream, no chips, and no snacks (except organic
crackers). He was never allowed to have the slightest piece of junk food, which incurred negative results. Now, when he is out with his friends, or at the movies, his mom is not there to stop him from
eating all the things he was “deprived” of in younger years. All of the snacks and sodas he wasn’t allowed to have taste like heaven to him now, and he can’t get enough. Given the chance, he will drink an entire 2-liter bottle of soda.

How do you keep your child eating healthy without having it backfire this way? I suggest that you not completely ban snack foods/drinks. My parents wanted to limit our intake of soda, but rather than take it
away from us, they allowed us to have it on special occasions and our own family “pizza nights”. Now, we have soda available at our leisure, but my sisters and I seldom choose to drink it and keep it as a
luxury. You never can control everything your child eats, but teaching a child the right habits will set her up for a healthier lifestyle.

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