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Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

by Jacob P. | May 14th, 2012 | Teen Perspective, Teens

I know that it is the day after Mother’s Day, but I figured it was better late than never to post an article about Mother’s Day. Also, if you are this far behind the eight ball, maybe this can help you save face.

As a teenager, Mother’s Day is one of the tougher holidays to handle. It’s not that I dislike my mother or dislike the holiday, it’s the gifts issue. I have lived in families where the father buys the gifts on Mother’s Day and the mother buys the gifts on Father’s Day. One or two of the gifts may’ve been from the kids, but we did not actually spend the money for the gift and may not have even helped shop for it. As a younger kid, it was easier, because I was around to help select what we would get or was too young to know what to get. Now that I am a teenager, I often am not around to say what we are getting and find out after the gifts have been decided on or even bought. This often leaves me feeling guilty that I did not do my part, so here are some ideas on how a teenager (or other children who aren’t involved in the process) can do their part on Mother’s Day:

  • Make a card: OK, so this is a little childish, I get that. I really don’t think most teens are interested in making a card for their mom, but it is a good old stand-by for younger children. Also, if you are an artistic teenager, it is a good choice, because you can produce an attractive card.
  • Breakfast in bed: This is another one of the good old stand-bys. Although getting up early isn’t most teens’ idea of a fun day, it is a good gift. For a large portion of your life, your mother got up to make you breakfast. Time to return the favor. At the same time, if you are a bad cook, just don’t do it. Nobody wants to be given toast and fruit as a “special”breakfast (unless they really like toast and fruit) … unless the kids are young. Then, there is a the cuteness factor.
  • A little gift with a lot of meaning: This one works really well if there is a small item that means a lot between you and your mother, like a good-luck charm. In the case of things like this, it can be inexpensive and easy to get, but contain a lot of meaning, because it’s the meaning that counts.

Mother’s Day can be a tricky holiday for busy teenagers (and other children who aren’t involved in the process), but there are some gifts that mean a lot and show how much you love your mother, even if they are simple or inexpensive. Also, remember to say “Happy Mother’s Day” and “I love you.”

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