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Graco Pack and Play with Newborn Napper

by Joe Lawrence | July 9th, 2010 | Product reviews

As I am typing this review, I look behind me on the floor of my office at our Graco Pack and Play.  We returned from a day trip a few hours ago and it is folded up tightly.  All parents who are on the go or are ready to take a vacation need a pack and play system.  Even the homebodies will benefit from one.

I am going to start with the only negative I can think of with this product and it is was clearly my own doing.  Setting up the pack and play for the first time really kicked my butt; I just could not get the rails to lock.  I struggled with it for about 30 minutes before I was overcome with an epiphany: read the directions.  I had to lock  the rails first, then push the center down.

With that out of the way, I have been more than pleased with this entire product.  When my daughter was first born, we placed the newborn napper (bassinet) and the changing station on the top in our room.  She slept there for about two months before we moved her into her crib.

The features like the table and napper make it easy for new parents.  There is a light and music on the side for night light/2 AM changing assist, which also lend a huge hand.  However, these items are no longer needed once she gets older.  Then, in comes the main attraction.

Having a play pen that can be moved from room to room is a blessing for parents of an active child.  Sometimes you just need to get stuff done and not have focus 100% attention on your child.  This is perfect for that.  The mobility of the pack and play is ideal.  We take it on every trip for nap time or even bedtime when staying overnight places.

The Graco Pack and Play has been there since our first night home from the hospital and has grown with her over the past eight months.  I would suggest this product to all new parents.

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