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Government Day

by Ronald A. Rowe | March 10th, 2010 | Elementary

I signed my nine year old, Max, up for a one day program in Tallahassee to learn about the processes of government and how laws are made. Having read that, you probably have one of two questions.

If you’re from one of the other 49, less sunshiny states, you may be wondering why I’d send him to Tallahassee. That’s our state capitol. That’s where you go if you want to learn about Florida’s government.  If you’re from Florida, you still may wonder why I’d send him to Tallahassee, but for different reasons.

The other question you may be asking is: why would you subject your son to see how our government works.  Two things you do not want to know how they’re made: laws and sausage (Mmmmmm…. sausage).

The program is called TeenPact, and it is all about teaching the next generation of leaders to view public policy from a Biblical world view.  The teen program is a four-day intensive deal in the capitol.  The junior version for 8-12 year olds is just one day.  There’s only so much law making a young mind can stand, I guess.

Kids should know more about their government than I did when I was a lad.  I want my children to be aware and well-rounded.  The more options they are exposed to, the better suited they’ll be to choose the right career when the time comes (and it comes sooner than you think).

So off to Tally we go, to check out a career in public policy.  Love it or hate it, at least he’ll have a story to tell and a new breadth of experience.  That alone is worth the trip.

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