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Gimme my Teddy

by Chang Song | October 1st, 2010 | Product reviews

During tough times, it is comforting to know that you have someone to turn to help solve your difficulties. Whether it is your parent, your spouse, or even your spiritual supporter, it is very soothing to know that someone has your back at all times. This sort of comfort zone probably started back when you were a kid, at the time when you were cradling with that all-so-adorable teddy bear.

For first time parents, there should be three things they must get after they have their beautiful and adorable babies: diapers, milk formula, and a teddy bear. The name of the teddy bear originated in 1905 when President Roosevelt used the bear as the official mascot for his re-election.. The production for the teddy bear started in 1906 as companies from over the world were created to develop this new lovable toy, not only for kids, but for women as well. The teddy bear’s popularity continued over the years: in 2006, retail sales from teddy bears accounted over 1.3 billion dollars. Now there are “build your own teddy bear” shops, teddy bear museums, teddy bear festivals, and even companies like Steff that make handmade teddy bears to sell it as collectible items.

Buying a teddy bear for a 2-year-old kid for his birthday is the best move a parent can make because the teddy bear can not only be a great toy for the kid but also can help the kid grow throughout the kid’s childhood. Now, some parents might say a toy isn’t going to make or break a kid’s future growth. But I beg to differ: the teddy bear definitely can. When you think about it, teddy is the beginning stage of your supports. A teddy bear can be there for the kid as a support just like the kid’s spouse or parent will later in life. The teddy bear can help the child to learn how to trust people which can help with kid’s future of working together accordingly with future peers.

Teddy bears aren’t going to go away, they are instrumental to a kid’s childhood. You can see their impact, as they are everywhere: TVs, movies, and online. I am going go on a limb and say as long as we keep having babies, let’s keep making teddy bears.

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