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Getting Your Preschooler Away From the Electronics

by T Akery | May 24th, 2013 | Preschool

girl n treeThe technology available for preschoolers is pretty cool. There are lots of apps to help with reading, writing, and shape recognition. Some preschoolers can outperform their parents on the computer. However, an overdose of technology means that other areas of development are getting ignored. These areas are just as important as knowing how to use a computer. So, here are some tips in getting your preschooler to exercise other areas of their brain and body.

Building an Obstacle Course

Physical exertion is critical for preschoolers. They have a lot of energy to burn off. While playing on a computer might keep them quiet, doing it all day long can cause trouble later on. Even though your preschooler may need some quiet time, they also need some out loud time. Physical exercise helps them develop better control over their muscle function. While your preschooler might not be a future athlete, an obstacle course will still help out with balance and coordination. You don’t have to invest a lot of money to make one. Old tires, a beam of wood or a few cones can transform a backyard into an obstacle play zone.

Treasure Hunt

Take your Preschooler on a treasure hunt. This takes their puzzle-solving abilities into the real world. So far, no technology can beat the real thing when it comes to looking behind objects, under objects, solving simple clues and following a map. The bonus of this game is that they will have fun in the process.

Made-up Games

Only a few programs really call on a child’s imagination. Most of those programs are limited by what is already there. But taking objects and creating a new game out of them is tapping into their creative and imagination skills. This will get them thinking in a new way that doesn’t fit into a little box on the screen. Even though it is only a game, thinking outside of the box will help them in the future.

Buy Physical Books

Sure, the book industry has moved to the ebook. But there really is something to holding a book and turning the pages. A physical book is easier to share than an ebook. Plus, the book is always accessible and there is no tying up the computer or waiting for something to charge. Keep a supply of these on hand to keep your preschooler occupied when you really can’t let them use electronics.

Play Dates

Make some play dates with your preschooler’s friends. Socialization is a part of developing necessary skills such as sharing and relating to others. You don’t need to have play dates at your home. The park or another public area will work just fine. Like adults, preschoolers do need that interaction.

Technology can help preschoolers learn things. But they don’t need to spend all day on it. They need some time away from the computer to develop other skills that they can’t get from a computer game.

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