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Everyday Can Be ‘Labor’ Day

by Joe Lawrence | October 14th, 2009 | Pregnancy

ultrasoundI put off writing this article to the last minute becauseI was hoping this article would be written by a daddy. My baby was due today, and my wife has been ready to deliver this baby for over a week now. However, the little one is very stubborn and not ready to join the world just yet. Fortunately, for us there are many people who have decided to offer us ‘advice’ on how to get the labor machine started.

There are those who suggested foods to eat, things to drink and things to do. I have looked into many of them, and it would appear there is no solid evidence suggesting that any one works better than the other. Let me start with eating spicy food. Science shows spicy food gets the digestion process stimulated and could jump-start the labor process. The same thing goes for castor oil. It can start contractions because of the increased activity in the bowels.

Some people have even suggested a glass of wine. Believe it or not, there are those who suggest alcohol during this time. Not to go get drunk, but to have ONE glass in order to relax. Stress can prolong the process, which leads to massage and acupuncture. These also help reduce stress and relax the muscles. Many massage therapists claim there are certain trigger points in the body that may stimulate certain muscles as well. Acupuncture also does the same. Simple Google searches display certain pressure points to work.

Many other people suggest intercourse. This is one is my personal favorite and actually has some scientific merit. Two chemicals, oxytocin and prostaglandins, are produced. Both are chemicals that doctors use to start contractions. Intercourse goes about it in a natural way.

My favorite suggestion was by my wife’s grandparents. They started labor by driving down a bumpy road. Every time I hit a bump, I get a chuckle picturing them years ago.

I am hoping for labor any day now, but just in case…what suggestions do you have to help get things moving? What worked for you? Tweet me www.twitter.com/joeylaw.

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