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Encouraging Your Tween’s Participation in Music

by T Akery | December 19th, 2013 | Behavior, Tweens

girl violinMusic is probably something that your Tween is already heavily invested in. They likely have their favorite artists and their favorite songs. They may even have a teenage idol that they admire. Many of these idols also play instruments. But idolizing music is not enough to develop the benefits that they can get from learning to read it and playing an instrument. So, you should encourage this interest in your Tween by supporting them as they strive to learn how to play.

The hardest thing is to find a musical instrument that interests them. This will take some experimentation and probably a couple of trips to the music store to find out what they can play. Ask about testing out different instruments. While you don’t have to buy their instruments there, this is a good way for them to get a feel for things and to find something that they will like.

Another strategy you can employ is to find out about the music program at your Tween’s school. The school may provide the lessons and the instrument without a big investment in it. This is a great way to introduce your Tween to music without undue parental influence. Some music programs may need the help of volunteers.

If your school isn’t offering the instrument your Tween wants to play, you can usually pick up ones at a fairly reasonable price at a flea market or a pawn shop. Don’t be afraid to ask around either.

Don’t be afraid to ask around for people giving lessons either. Not everyone advertises their skill set but they may be willing to give up some time to teach your Tween about how to play their instrument. Tweens are often more willing to play if their parents aren’t the ones teaching them. If no tutors are available, there are always videos that can help them learn the instrument as well.

You do have to insist on practice sessions. Like anything, it takes practice to get good at an instrument. Even the teen idols have to practice. It is okay to point this out. But you should expect some fights concerning practice. It may be better just to lay down the law than trying to convince them to practice.

When it is time for your Tween to practice, don’t be overly critical when they play. Mistakes happen and it is part of the learning process. Sure, you may need to wear some ear plugs for awhile. But they will get better over time. Then you can enjoy listening to them perform.

Learning a musical instrument has a lot of benefits for a Tween. They pick up math skills. They learn to read music and can even understand the chords that make up the songs they listen to. Since they are probably already into music, you can help them incorporate the lessons they learn in music to those in life.

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