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Easing Back To School

by Lisa Stauber | August 12th, 2008 | Elementary

School will be starting soon. Are you ready?

I’m not just talking about new crayons and backpacks. Children need time to adjust to a new routine. Start helping them get ready for a smooth back-to-school experience today. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Sleep. Many children stay up later in the summer, and the long daylight hours can make early bedtimes difficult. Start your children on a school night schedule, gradually easing their bedtime back by 15 minutes per night.
  • Waking up. Summertime is a time for sleeping in, but kids need to have enough time to get ready for school. Begin waking your children in the morning. Insist that they get dressed early, and finish breakfast on time. If they’ve grown used to watching cartoons while eating, and you don’t allow this on school days, start breaking the habit now.
  • Food. Many children get into the habit of snacking throughout the unstructured days of summer. When they arrive at school, they won’t have this luxury. Begin giving them afternoon snacks at the same time they will be arriving home from school. If you help their stomachs get used to waiting until 3:30 for a snack, it will make it easier for them to make it through afternoon lessons on an empty tummy.
  • Friends. Decide when you will allow your children to play with friends, and let them know now what the rules will be. Will you let them play directly after school? Or only after homework is done? Will phone calls be allowed in the evening, or is the phone off after 7 pm? Your child might complain, but you will likely have fewer problems enforcing curfews if your kids know what to expect.

It can take time to adjust to a new schedule, but if you prepare now,it will be easier for the whole family.

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