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Dr. Brown’s Bottle System

by Joe Lawrence | March 26th, 2010 | Infants/Toddlers, Product reviews

My wife and I spent many hours researching each item purchased for my daughter. She is our first child, and we both want the best for her. When it came to bottles, we decided this is an important investment and wanted the best.

I am a review reader and thus read numerous reviews about the different bottle styles and manufacturers. The issue of colic came up time and time again with every bottle company. Each declared to be better than the rest. This makes it incredibly tough to decide when the companies all say the same thing in advertisements, and that is the power of reviews. The reviews declared Dr. Brown’s unique system to be triumphant in terms of reducing colic.

After four months of feeding my daughter by bottle, I found them to be true. It is very rare that she is gassy, and we do not get much more of a burp out of her than when my wife is nursing. This is a great indicator to me of their quality.

The negatives found were two. First, there are many parts to the bottle. For the bottle cleaner (aka me), it can be a pain to get each part clean. However to combat this negative, the dishwasher rack they designed for the bottle is outstanding! I rarely handwash them.

Lastly, we experienced numerous leaks in the beginning. The bottle has a tube that extends to the bottom of the bottle. This tube’s purpose is to reduce the air pockets in the bottle and NOT act as a straw. Once I learned this, I merely angled the bottle to keep the milk away from the tube and problem solved.

Another cause of leaks was not a problem for me, but I will share it with you. Many users noticed that leaving the tops on while heating the bottles, increased leaks. Simply loosen the tops while warming the milk, and you will alleviate this.

Although these bottles are costly, they have proven their worth. I give them my daddy’s seal of approval.

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