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Dieting For Kids: From the Teen’s View

by Jacob P. | November 17th, 2010 | Teen Perspective, Teens

This winter, I will be wrestling for my high school’s team. Because one of the primary components of wrestling is reducing weight so you have the maximum muscle for your weight, I have had to go on a diet. Dieting is a very popular method for adults to lose weight, but many people disagree over whether or not it is okay for children.

Now, before we even get into dieting options for kids, we should see if it is even okay. Kids usually do not need to diet . Kids are still growing and developing, so they need to eat plenty of nutritious and vitamin filled food. Even when on a diet right now, I eat more than my mom because I am still growing. Most kids shouldn’t diet, but it is not completely wrong. As kids get older, say teenage years, dieting becomes a more feasible option. Also, you can visit a doctor to have him/her check your child’s body mass index (BMI). From there, the doctor may set up some type of plan to help level off your child’s weight gain or to even lose a few pounds. There are many ways to lose weight, though.

  • Instead of reducing what you child eats, you should have the kid exercise more. Dieting may reduce the amount of calories you intake, but being active will burn them and fat. Also, this will increase you child’s metabolism.
  • Before you go and start simply reducing food intake, try to eat healthier. Eat more vegetables and fruits and less fatty red meats and starches. Even more so, worry about cutting things like candy, chips, and soda. These are just bad for you.
  • In my opinion, you shouldn’t go on pre-made diet meals, like the ones advertised on TV. They are a waste of money and not overly healthy themselves. They allow you to eat junk but lose weight by filling the food with alien chemicals. Also, they can be made more cheaply at home.
  • Finally, never go on a purge diet. By this I mean things like anorexia and only eating lettuce and celery. This is extremely harmful for your body.

Dieting for kids is not normally necessary, but if it is, you should eat healthier, not necessarily less.

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