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Detecting Learning Disabilities at Preschool

by T Akery | April 25th, 2012 | Preschool

Preschool is a time for fun and games, and is one of the first steps your child takes in the more formal setup of learning at school. At a young age, it isn’t always easy to determine if your child has a learning disability. But in a school setting, potential problems can become clearer. Most often these problems manifest themselves as disciplinary problems or acting out. This doesn’t mean that your preschooler is a bad kid. At this age, it is very hard for preschoolers to express themselves and the frustration that they feel at not understanding what the teacher wants them to learn.

There are many reasons that a child can have a learning disability. It could be from illness such as constant ear infections. It could be genetic. It can also be the environment they are in and how they react socially to people. There are two big things as parents to realize when it comes to a learning disability. The first is not to blame yourself. The second is to recognize that a problem exists and develop solutions that will help your child in the future.

Not all signs of a learning disability will be present in a home setting. Most preschoolers are comfortable in the home and will relax with the familiar. However, when introduced to preschool, their behavior changes. While some change is normal because they are outside of their comfort zone, it is a persistent pattern that usually catches a teacher’s attention. At this point, it becomes imperative that you begin the process of having them tested for a learning disability. Identifying these problems really early will give them a head start on coping mechanisms and how to deal with the stress that their learning disability brings.

Also imperative is to inform your pediatrician if you find your child having problems at preschool. They can rule out any medical reasons for their behavior and get you started on the process of testing for different disabilities.

Sometimes, things are out of our control as a parent. A learning disability isn’t always recognizable until your child enters Preschool. Detecting these problems early on is crucial for your child. At this age, they can began learning how to deal with the extra obstacles thrown in their path to education.

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