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Curbing the Whining in Your Preschooler

by T Akery | October 14th, 2014 | Behavior, Preschool

file000565837690Whining is one of those things that can make a parent nuts. The high-pitched whine sets nerves on edge and frays tempers rather quickly. Unfortunately, this is one of the stages they go through. In a sense, it is a transitional phase from the temper tantrums. But it can get overwhelming really fast when your Preschooler decides they especially want something. So, here are some ways to try and deal with it.

One way you can try coping with whining is to recognize when they are cranky for a specific reason. If they are hungry, thirsty or need a nap, then the whining increases dramatically. While your Preschooler may balk at the idea of a nap after a busy day, a few minutes of quiet time after school can help improve their mood and make them less likely to whine.

You can also encourage expression through other means of communication. For example, you can have them draw out their feelings if they don’t have the vocabulary to express what they are feeling at the time. Hand them some paper and crayons at the start of the whining session. While this probably won’t work in a grocery store setting, it can help at home when they are feeling sad or blue. You can also establish a whining area away from the rest of the family for this purpose.

While bribing isn’t always an ideal solution, it can work in some situations such as the grocery store. Even though you don’t want to give into their demands for that piece of candy, a bribe of stickers when they get home in exchange for being good can help. The key to this method is to follow through. If they whine while in the store, don’t give them sticker and explain why they don’t get it. If they are good, make sure to keep up your end of the bargain when you get home. But if it gets really bad, it is perfectly fine to remove them from the situation and go home.

Sometimes, it is necessary to put them in time out because of it. For example, they are whining about something they are told to do. So, while it won’t cure the whining, it will help give you a moment of quiet where you both can step back for a minute. Then explain to them the reason why they were in time out.

These are some things you can do to help alleviate the whining in your Preschooler. They will grow out of it eventually. It is a phase they go through as they transition from being your Preschooler to your Elementary school kid.

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