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Cleaning Your Room: From the Teen’s View

by Jacob P. | May 9th, 2014 | Teen Perspective, Teens

IMG_4056I have this theory that I have an easier time focusing in my room when the room is clean and organized. For me, the clutter seems to distract me. Maybe it is just my OCD telling me to clean, or maybe it is more. Maybe the mess symbolizes the scattered state of mind I am in when I cannot focus. No matter what it is, there is a definite link between a clean room and a focused Jacob.

With that said, I believe in keeping as clean of a room as possible. I understand that many teenagers will disagree (because I am rather OCD), but there is more to it. There are many upsides to keeping a clean room.ÂIt is more than just an issue of picking up your laundry.

  • Keeping a clean room is an excellent habit to develop for your adult life. As an adult, having a clean room will help you maintain an organized lifestyle. On top of that, it will influence the styling of your dwelling. The benefits of a clean house are more extensive than you may think. A dirty house can turn away potential dates, while a clean house gives you a professional appearance and is healthier for you (bedbugs, etc.).
  • It is easier to regularly keep a clean room than it is to have a big cleaning every so often. By only handling a small amount of cleaning on a very regular basis, it can feel like you are doing very little work. However, you are actually handling quite a bit. This is much better than blocking off three or four hours just to clean one room every so often.
  • Life is easier when you have a clean room. The last thing you want is to be struggling to find a paper at the last minute. However, with a clean, organized room, it is easy to keep track of your belongings. This continues into the adult world, where the five minutes you spend searching for a tie could make you late to work. There is a reason why the militaries of the world enforce clean rooms, especially for trainees.

Keeping a clean room is a habit I try to maintain for myself, although not as well as I may like.ÂHowever, there are definite benefits, so I continue to try to improve my organization, as you should too. What are the downsides to a clean room?

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