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Chores: From the Teen’s View

by Jacob P. | July 21st, 2010 | Teen Perspective, Teens

Now, I know that an article by a teen about chores could sound like a “Let’s abolish chores because I dislike them” article, but it isn’t. Now that I have said that, let me begin:

I understand that chores are very important because they teach you responsibility and to work for things, but they can be flawed.

First of all, I don’t believe in not getting anything for chores. Now, you don’t have to provide direct payment, but some reward is required. For example, I have a deal with my parents so that I do chores, and in return they will give me money for the movies and other such stuff. Other kids I know get an allowance, but don’t get money for things like that. My only problem is not getting anything at all. Work without incentive is pointless, because it usually results in poor work because there is no payoff.

Also, chores should be appropriately sized. An excessively large chore should be equal to, say, three movies, while a small chore should equal one movie. The pay should also be equivalent. If I did extra chores one week, I should get extra allowance, right?

Next, let the kids have some say in their chores. If there are, say, five jobs for offer, let the kid pick the jobs. That way no one ends up on up on the unwanted trash duty without a chance at another. Use something like dice to pick chores. This will also help prevent careless, sloppy work.

Finally, you make the work a timed thing. I know for a fact that if I am on the clock when I work, I will be swift and efficient, whereas when I have unlimited time, I procrastinate. This is true with most kids, as I see it a lot in school. Kids put on the clock will rush, unlike the ones who can lolly-gag.

Chores are a very important piece of childhood, but they should be presented a certain way for the full effect. If they are handled properly, they will teach without the fighting.

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