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Chicco DJ Baby Walker

by Joe Lawrence | June 4th, 2010 | Infants/Toddlers, Product reviews

Visions of my seven-month-old chasing down my dog and knocking over chairs and decor along the way raced across my mind the other day as I was assembling the Chicco DJ Baby Walker my wife purchased.  Although I am against it in principle, I think this is a great toy.

From day one, I told my wife I am against walkers.  I personally think they are great and help to build essential leg muscles but fear the path of devastation. The Mrs. is a bit of a perfectionist and I was scared of scuffs on the wall and the scratches on the plethora of wood furniture.  (By the way, the soft plastic base has been great about leaving neither, so far.)

Not only is the walker built to be safe for walls, it has a very a quality feel to it.  There are four wheels with two that caster and optional brakes.  The brakes are designed to prevent baby from going down a flight of stairs, not to mention they make carpet-walking impossible.  So, you can skip the baby gate and keep her out of the formal living room and out of reach of the fragile decor.

The base is adjustable and houses a removable DJ board.  This features a keyboard, drum button, a mixer and a few other noise-making options.  Don’t worry, there are two volumes and an off switch.

There are even a few options for the sounds.  You can choose from just music to songs and even animal sounds.  The options are all good and fun.  I love seeing my daughter realize that a certain button makes a particular sound.

I have to say the good is outweighing the bad and I am quickly becoming a fan of the walker.  Nothing beats having her smile and laugh as she strolls around the kitchen.  If you are in the market, Chicco DJ Baby Walker is a must buy.

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