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Cardboard Boxes: Who Knew?

by Joe Lawrence | September 15th, 2015 | Entertainment, Preschool

child in box (400x400)As parents, we are always trying to find new ways to keep our young ones busy. We do not want to simply set them in front of the TV, but sometimes have to just get some things completed. Most of us are missing a big opportunity.

It never fails that in the moment we pick up the phone or start to do something, our preschooler is nipping at the heel begging for our attention. We usually get frustrated and are not the most creative thinkers in this exact moment. Therefore, we often set their little butts in front of the TV or give them the iPad to play with until we complete our chores. We know this is not the best thing, but we are desperate to just finish one thing around the house.

Most of us who read articles like this also do some form of online shopping. That online vendor likes to donate cardboard boxes to us with our purchases. These boxes usually end up in the recycle bin and never to be seen again. We are missing a huge opportunity by doing this. Cardboard boxes are like catnip for children!

Instead of tossing the box give it to your little one to play with. I let my kids get out the markers and turn the box into whatever their minds can muster. A favorite for my daughter is a fairy house or a pirate ship for the boy.

We always joke about how the kids like the boxes better than the gifts; it is the truth. Sometimes I will turn the box into a little house or car garage and set it off to the side. When the kids start to bother me, I get it out and let them enjoy. Usually it occupies them better than any show or iPad app does anyway AND they are flexing their imaginations at the same time.

Another golden nugget is the bubble wrap. Save this too. My kids will pop it, use it to dance on, make doll dresses and so much more. All I have to do is save some every now and then and the present it for a later date.

Parenting is hard enough. The last thing we need to do is try and become the sole entertainer to a preschooler. Most of get boxes delivered right to the door every week. Take advantage of this and assist your little one in flexing their imagination and creativity muscles.

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