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by Louise | February 3rd, 2010 | Elementary

It would be unreasonable to say that families shouldn’t be enjoying all of the new gaming systems and other forms of electronic entertainment that are available. There’s just too much out there to be ignored, and some of it really can be great material. However, as a teen, it seems a bit sad when I hear from kids who admit they’ve never gone camping. Never gone camping? It seems they haven’t completed their childhood. When else will they have the opportunity to hold flaming marshmallows in the futile attempt to create the perfect s’more? How else will they appreciate the secure roof over their head that doesn’t leak with the pitter-patter of rain?

Camping comes in a variety of different forms, and finding the perfect campground near you is a simple matter of searching. Though doing so can be a lot of fun, camping doesn’t have to be completely without utilities. Some camping grounds offer extremely nice facilities for showering, washing dishes, and other daily necessities that some might find impossible to ditch for an extended period of time. If it has warm water, you might be a bit too spoiled, but if it’s your first time camping, it’s definitely a start. Bring board games and cards rather than electronics and batteries. You could consider planning in some extra activities like kayaking or fishing. Be ready for some frustration, because the weather never seems to cooperate with camping plans, but also be ready to get to know your family a bit better. (For the kids this often means learning just how loud the parents snore, but this will help them appreciate their separate bedrooms back at home!)

It seems that families today are tending to favor electronics and things like exciting new IMAX films over the more traditional activities like picnics and walks in the park. Businesses are doing well to lure in customers with flashy, colorful signs and cheaper-than-dirt deals. Why not take a step away from these tempting businesses and submerge yourself in a completely different world? Here’s my suggestion: go camping.

  1. Tom Kersten says:

    I agree totally!
    I was telling a friend the other day that I thought that if the batteries went dead and the electricity went off, half of these kids wouldn’t have idea one of other things to do.
    I will be the first to admit that I am a computer illerate but I try and learn something everyday but I balance my day by doing things outside and reading as well.

  2. Jane says:

    You have my vote on this too! There is so much to be gained from camping. Getting creative with S’mores, building campfires, doing things outdoors, putting yourself to the test outdoors, spending time just talking with friends and family. We really should have a “Let’s go Camping” week, which encourages first timers to get out there and try it out. Once you find a great campground (easy to do here http://www.CampingRoadTrip.com) all you have to do is pack the car, pack the kids, pack the food and have a good time!

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