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Babysitting Activity: Meatballs

by Bea | August 28th, 2008 | Elementary

I was babysitting about a year ago for a family of two. The daughter was 8 years old while the son was 6 years old. When I arrived at the house, I was surprised to see that their parents had planned for me to make the family’s meal for the following day!

Yes, I was going to make “tomorrow’s” meal, but actually, it was planned to be a fun activity with the kids! If you have never tried this before, it certainly is a great idea!

Okay, so what the parents had done was prepare a lot of meatball “batter” for the kids and me. It was our job to form the “batter” into meatballs! Of course, we started the activity by washing our hands. Then, we started our job! You wouldn’t think that this would be a fun-filled activity, but it definitely was. The kids loved playing with the “batter” and thought it would be fun to trick their parents and make misshapen meatballs. I had to make sure that the raw meat did not go anywhere near their faces, but that task was not all too difficult.

This activity kept them occupied for about an hour! This does include the clean up time. I do not even know how many meatballs we made, but it was enough for a few days. The meatballs would be fine for a really long time if left in the freezer. Their parents even had me take some home!

Making meatballs was a win-win situation for everyone. First of all, the parents got a “chore” done that they may not have wanted to do; either that, or they would not have enjoyed as much as their kids did. Second of all, the kids had so much fun! And third, it gave me something to do for an hour instead of chasing them around a table!

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