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Avoiding Seasonal Injuries

by Lori Sciame | June 22nd, 2012 | Elementary

Don’t end up in the emergency room this summer with your elementary age child. To avoid unintentional injuries, be wary of falls, fireworks, and even the sun. No one wants to think that an injury will happen, yet if you purposely work to avoid such instances, your summer will end up being a lot more enjoyable.

Let’s discuss falls first. According to WDTN2 in Ohio, “Falls top the list of most common injuries for kids birth to twelve years old, and they often happen on playgrounds.” I do understand that children will fall as they learn to navigate their world, but try to prevent unnecessary falls. If you see your child recklessly using playground equipment, such as walking on top of the monkey bars, tell him or her to get down. Seems simple? It is! Basically, if your child is a daredevil, explain the ramifications of taking dumb risks.

Use of bicycles and skateboards also increase a child’s risk of falling. Because of this, you need to invest in the proper safety equipment. Helmets, knee and elbow pads, and maybe even wrist guards will ensure your child’s safety if he or she falls.

Another source of unintentional injury in the summer — fireworks. Kids love the sound, sight, and smell of fireworks; however, they underestimate the danger involved with using them. It’s a fact that a simple sparkler burns at a tremendous temperature — close to 2,000 degrees! Even thought the sparks look harmless, they can burn your child in an instant. In addition, exploding fireworks can take off fingers or blow out an eye. As a parent, make sure to supervise any activity your child takes part in where fireworks are concerned.

Finally, never underestimate the power of the sun’s rays. Children need to wear sunscreen if they plan to spend any length of time outdoors. Be especially vigilant if you are taking a vacation to the beach. With sweating and swimming, sun block needs to be applied again and again during the course of a day outside.

Have you ever seen a second-degree sun burn? This is where the skin swells and blisters form. It is a painful sight. Don’t let your child suffer from this type of pain.

There are many more types of seasonal injuries, yet the three listed above account for a large number of those that happen. Be on the lookout for ways your child can fall, supervise any firework use, and stress the importance of sunscreen. If you do so, your child will have a better chance of being pain free this summer.

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