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Amusing Card Trick

by Bea | June 3rd, 2008 | Elementary

Have you ever just wanted to entertain a group of kids, but you don’t know how?

Well, I have a solution for you. This trick is one of the easiest I’ve heard of, but, if you do it right, you can entertain your crowd for as long as you’d like! This trick also requires little to no practice, memorizing of steps, or prep work; isn’t that perfect!? The point of the trick is to get your audience to think that you can guess the next card in a deck without looking at it.

Alright, so here’s what you’re going to do. In order to prepare for the trick (don’t let the audience see you do this!), pick up a deck, place it number side down, and flip the top card on the deck so that both sides of the deck now appear to start with a number or face card. Now, hold the deck straight out in front of you so that the card that you flipped can be seen by your audience. Notice how you can see the last card of the deck? Well, your audience thinks that you can see the back of the deck.

After glancing at this card at the bottom of the deck, bring the deck behind your back (careful, you don’t want to make it look like you are looking at the back of the deck; try to see the number out of the corner of your eye). Once it is behind your back, take the card you saw at the back and flip it so that it is at the beginning of the deck. Make it seem like you are trying to figure out and guess what the next card will be. Hold the deck out to your audience and state your “guess”!

Don’t forget to take a peek at the next card for your next “guess”!

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