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After School Extra Curricular Activities

by Sam P. | February 6th, 2012 | Tweens

Seeing as this is my last Tween Advice article, I figured I would write about something I enjoy doing. So I am going to write about extra curricular activities, drama in specific. This is actually only my first year doing drama, and I am so glad I joined! I love it, the only regret I have is not joining sooner. Joining drama club is the best thing I have done for myself this year. We just actually performed our first play and the rush I get just before I go onstage is just exhilarating!

So if you have any spare time on your hands, I would suggest doing some kind of extra curricular, that way you are actually doing something with your afternoons and it looks great on a college application. While some of you have a good four to six years before you have to start really thinking about college, it is always good to be proactive. But make sure that whatever you do is something you enjoy — don’t just join because it looks good on your college application, do it because you want to. I joined drama because I had always wanted to and I finally had that day open.

Whether you join drama, art club, chorus, some kind of sport, or whatever else, you have to commit one hundred percent to it. It isn’t fair to the instructor and the other kids if you quit right before the big play or performance. Say you got the female lead in drama, and right before the play your friend scores tickets to a concert and asks you to go with her; you have to say no. No matter how much you want to go. It isn’t right because then the instructor has to find another person to play your part, and I know how long it takes to learn lines (it takes months). So your bailing would set the whole play back and it would just be a disaster. And this can apply to anything, it doesn’t matter how minor your part or job is, it just isn’t fair and it isn’t right. But enough of this lecturing, I know you guys wouldn’t quit anyways because you want to be there!

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