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7 Ways to Help Your Child Through Their Teenage Years

by Editorial Team | November 15th, 2018 | Teens

One of the most fun and also confusing times in a child’s life is their teenage years. It’s a mix between trying to gain some independence and also figuring out who you are as a person.

Everyone knows it’s a challenging stage, one which takes true willpower and perseverance to get through it in one piece, both from a child’s and a parent’s perspective. As the adult of the household, be glad to know there are ways for how you can help your child make it through their teenage years. It’s important to keep trying your best and focus on all the positives that will come from your efforts, instead of worrying about what might go wrong or be difficult.

1. Be Available to Listen

One way you can help your child through their teenage years is to be available to listen to them when they come to you. Put down what you’re doing and eliminate any distractions so you can give your child your full attention. Be mindful not to offer your opinion or advice unless they ask for it and simply be there to lend an open ear. Let this be an opportunity to build trust between the two of you and develop a closer bond with one another. Be a good role model by listening better, and they’ll likely follow in your footsteps and mimic your example.

2. Teach them about Self Awareness

Explain to your son or daughter the importance of being self-aware and in tune with your emotions, reactions and surroundings. Let them know that this is one habit that’s going to help them excel in life. Help your child through their teenage years by pointing them in the right direction of discovering more about themselves. Go online to read more now about this topic so you’re knowledgeable in this area and can explain more about the process to them. Empower your teenager to explore their spiritual side and learn more about the self and this idea of being awakened.

3. Avoid Making Judgments

Judgments are especially harmful during your child’s teenage years because they’re so self-conscious. Be mindful not to make assumptions or express negative opinions that aren’t helpful. Take in the information your son or daughter is telling you without jumping to conclusions or criticizing them. Allow them to learn from their mistakes on their own and be there to help them pick themselves back up when they stumble. Pay attention to what’s about to come out of your mouth before speaking words you may later regret.

4. Get Them the Help They Need

Growing up is challenging, and there will likely be many obstacles your loved one will have to face. What you can do to help your teen is to be there for them and provide assistance when they need it. For instance, you may hire a tutor if they’re struggling in school or suggest they work with a professional therapist if you can see their mental health declining. Do whatever is in your power to make sure you get them on the right track and are there to support them when you can see that they’re having a hard time. Present them with options to what you’re witnessing and allow them the chance to accept help for what they’re going through.

5. Encourage Them

Work on getting your child through their teenage years by always cheering them on and having their back. Encourage them to try and be a better person but avoid expecting perfection, which isn’t realistic and will likely end up causing them frustration. Observe them and reward them when they perform well or exceed your expectations. Express words that are positive and will allow them to see all they have to offer so they can build more confidence in themselves. Tell your teen you love them each day and be their biggest fan because it’s a competitive world out there and they’re likely to experience failure or disappointment every now and again.

6. Openly Communicate

Be careful not to let the teenage years put a wedge between you and your child. It’s a stressful time for all, and that’s why it’s so important to be understanding of each other’s viewpoints. What will help you help your child is to practice open and honest communication and show respect for one another at all times. Ask the right questions and don’t be afraid to know what they’re up to or who their friends are so you can try to keep them safe and out of trouble. Set clear expectations, boundaries and ground rules, so your teenager behaves accordingly and doesn’t cause you a lot of worries.

7. Delegate Responsibilities

One guaranteed way to help your child through the teenage years is to proactively delegate chores and responsibilities to him or her. For instance, have them assist you around the house by taking care of the pet or cleaning up their room on a regular basis. Hold family meetings so they know what they’re in charge of and you can both avoid any confusion. It is also a great opportunity and time in their life for them to get an outside job so they can start to show some independence and make their own money. Holding down a summer job will not only teach him or her responsibility, but they’ll likely meet other nice young people while they’re at it.


Never underestimate all the ups and downs that you’re sure to experience as your child goes through their teenage years. These tips will help to ensure that you two can get on the same page and support one another through these growing pains. Remember also to set aside some time to have fun with your child and connect by bonding over any interests you have in common. Be flexible and open-minded and try to remain calm even when you’re feeling frustrated or worked up so you can try to improve your relationship over time. Enjoy these days because soon they’ll be out of the house and you’ll miss having them around.

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