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4 Ways to Connect with Teens on Social Media

by Editorial Team | May 3rd, 2018 | Teens

Teenagers are big business, and be quite lucrative for many companies hoping to gain their custom. However, they’re not easily swayed, with the younger generations being more cautious when it comes to spending their money. Therefore, much like parents who have to deal with their angst-fuelled behaviors and flippant remarks, businesses and schools alike have to think of ways to connect with them on a far deeper level.

While persuading a teenager can be quite difficult, finding them online and marketing to them has never been easier. Teenagers can be found on multiple social media platforms, be it Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram, so reaching them is a simple feat (read here for more ideas) – it’s getting them to listen that’s the challenge.

Listen to Them
Teenagers (and adults, for that matter) are prone to speaking their mind online without giving much thought to what they are saying. Without realizing, people are divulging their likes, dislikes, wants and dreams, allowing people and businesses to gather such in-depth information. This data is valuable, and can be used to the advantages of businesses – that is, if they listen.

Make sure to monitor Facebook posts, Tweets and Instagram activity and collect the information that proves useful. Once you’ve gained insight to what they like and don’t, you can curate marketing campaigns tailored to them.

Choose the Right Influencers
Social media is rife with influencers, speaking their minds on certain brands and promoting products and services. By selecting the right influencer for your brand, you’re more likely to entice your demographic of teens and have them click through to your website. What’s more, influencers can be far cheaper than enlisting the services of celebrities, and nowadays teenagers aren’t as influenced by celebrities as the generations prior to them.

Think SEO
Like everything else online, you need to include effective SEO for your business to be heard among the noise. To improve your visibility, you need to write and publish creative content that is informative and relevant to your business; once this content is shared to social media, you’re garnering attention from your demographic while showcasing that you’re a trustworthy company. Consistent interactions through social media and SEO can reinforce your brand’s reputation and help you climb the SERPs, allowing your users to find you more organically. Although the world of SEO can be difficult to navigate, there are many trusted companies like who can provide you with digital marketing services that’ll make you more noticeable online.

Skip the Hard Sell
Nowadays the younger generation don’t react well to people blatantly selling to their faces. Rather than telling them how great your product is, you need to show them instead. People want to see the product and even experience it, so offering a free trial or a discount to teenagers is well worth the extra effort. Post offers and competitions through social media and have people follow your account for further information on impending competitions you may do at a later date.

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