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4 Types of Parenting Styles

by Rosanne Lorraine | August 5th, 2008 | Elementary

Parents inevitably leave an impact on their children’s social, emotional, and mental development whether they are aware of it or not. Parenting is a highly complex undertaking that involves many individual behaviors that work together to influence the child. But looking at specific behaviors in isolation may be deceptive.

Research over the last several decades suggest that individual parenting practices are actually less important compared to the broader pattern of parenting. Thus, the concept of parenting style is born; it captures two important aspects in parenting, including responsiveness and “demandingness”. Four parenting styles have been determined and they are as follows:

Indulgent parents – also known as “permissive” parents; parents who use this style are more responsive than demanding. They are quite lenient and don’t require their children to act in a mature behavior. Indulgent parents also typically try to avoid confrontation with their kids and allow great self-regulation.
Authoritarian parents – these types of parents are highly demanding, but they are unresponsive. They want obedience, and they expect to be obeyed without question. Authoritarian parents provide structured environments with clear rules.
Authoritative parents – they are both responsive and demanding. They monitor their children, but they are not intrusive. Their disciplinary techniques are more supportive than punitive. Their aim is for their children to grow to be socially responsible but assertive, self-regulated but cooperative.
Uninvolved parents – these parents are low both in demandingness and responsiveness. Uninvolved parent are usually also neglectful parents. Their children may sometimes feel rejected and neglected.

So what parenting style do you fall under? A lot of people want to fall into the “authoritative” parent category, but only a few of them succeed. But who is to say which parenting style is the best? Ask well-rounded individuals who they think are the best parents in the world; chances are, they will say their mother or father is the best parent.

  1. lashun says:

    My teen is highly emotional. teacher staring at ist grade said she was very emotional. example to day we washed. i aluftly put a dark towel in a light colored load and she called me stupid she wined and broke in a emotional panic. i tried my best to keep cool and the more i kept cool she continued to disrespect me. i left her to wash by her self and to walk with loads of clothes. what should i do?

  2. lashun says:

    she is only 15

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