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3 Ways to Make Libraries Exciting for Children

by Joe Lawrence | September 9th, 2015 | Elementary, Entertainment

girl reading book (400x400)Libraries are somehow hanging on during the Information Age that we are in nowadays. Just because it is an archaic establishment does not mean we can’t try to make it exciting for our children.

Let’s be honest, libraries are not as useful as they once were 30 years ago. In fact, I received a Bachelors and a Masters without ever stepping foot into one. All of my research was done online using information off peer-reviewed catalog sites. It saved me lots of time skimming articles electronically; rather, hunting through card catalogs and seeking books on the shelf and then flipping through the pages to finally get one resource I need. This is not the smartest way to do research.

Libraries do still have some value. That value is in the fact that people love to hold an actual book in their hand every so often and that kids are not e-readers yet. My elementary-aged daughter loves going to the library and sorting through books. She loves the fact that she can pick out any book she likes and take it home. I like the fact that she is excited to read.

One way to make the library exciting to kids is to let them have some autonomy. Allow them to pick out several books and choose the one they would like to take home. This makes my daughter feel very special. She usually even wants to choose a book for her little brother too.

Another way to get them excited about the library is to make a scavenger hunt. My daughter is into art, princesses and animals. I tell her that she needs to find a book covering each of those topics.

Most libraries have some type of reading lists. Find the one for the children that has all of the books recommended by the librarian for his age group and start knocking books off the list. It is fun for them to see the progress they are making as the line through each book. If the library does not have a list, make one for them. Choose ten books you know they will enjoy and create the list.

Libraries are a mystery to me. In all honesty, they should have died off 10 years ago. I am glad they are still around and think they have a lot of potential, but we have to get our kids excited to go there to keep them alive for the next generation.

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