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Winter Safety for Toddlers

by T Akery | November 14th, 2012 | Infants/Toddlers

With temperatures dropping and the approach of the winter season, toddlers often get restricted to playing indoors. This is also the time of year that the heat gets turned on, space heaters are pulled out, wood stoves get lit, and numerous other home hazards appear. Wintertime can turn into a hazardous time for toddlers. Vigilance and sticking to safety rules are the keys to preventing disasters during the winter months.

Start out this winter by practicing a fire drill with your toddler. Unfortunately, more fires occur during the winter months than the summer months. So, it is essential that your toddler knows the escape path for every room including their own. Practice at least once a month so that it remains fresh in their memory. Along with this drill, check your smoke detectors and CO detectors in your furnace room. Additionally, check your CO detector before turning on the furnace.

Teach and enforce rules around areas such as space heaters and fireplaces. These areas are tempting for toddlers since their bright red glow usually attracts toddlers instead of warning them away from it. You should supervise them at all times when they are in the room around space heaters and fireplaces. Additionally, enforce a no play area and no running area when these potential hazards are turned on. You may need to invest in some baby gates in order to create a safe zone around your hearth or heater.

Tape down all cords, especially those things that use an extension cord such as Christmas tree lights. This is to prevent kids from tripping and accidentally causing things to fall on top of them. Since you are also using a lot of plugs this season, remember to keep them covered when not in use. It is easy to forget this step with all the things that need electricity.

Winter brings snow and wonderment for toddlers. But it is easy to forget that the things we use to stay cozy are potential hazards for toddlers. So, make certain to enforce the safety rules even if it means bringing out unsightly “decorations”, and practice fire drills in case of an emergency. Make wintertime safe for your toddler.

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