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Vacationing With Grandparents: From the Teen’s View Volume 1

by Jacob P. | July 28th, 2010 | Teen Perspective

As far back as I can remember, every year I went somewhere on a vacation with my grandparents. I have always felt that I am exponentially lucky to have grandparents who are willing to take me on such vacations every year out of their own will and pocket. I did not know that this is a trend becoming more and more popular, but now that I know this, I am going to provide my thoughts on it.

First of all, I am going to provide a little history on my vacationing with grandparents, as this will tie into a few of my tips. However, I am going to avoid naming names, but there will ultimately be five of us: my grammy, my grampy, my sister, my cousin, and me. We began vacationing at a young age (I believe early/mid elementary school age) and did not travel far, but still stayed overnight. We went to places like Lake George, NY, and Cape Ann, MA. The summer between fifth and sixth grade, we flew to Orlando, Florida . This was the first time I flew with my grandparents and the second flight I had ever been on (in some ways, I was very sheltered as a child). The next year, my cousin had his “coming of age” and went with us to Old Orchard Beach, Maine. The next year, the five of us flew to Washington, D.C. for a five day trip, where the were some minor discrepancies that I shall speak of in Volume 2. Finally, this year, we traveled to Orlando again, staying for a week, with a few more problems coming up and again, to be mentioned.

Traveling with grandparents is a a great experience, helping build family bonds, but can have some downside and cause some problems, which I shall mention in Volume 2 and provide some tips to solve them there, too.

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