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Vacationing with Grandparents: From the Teen’s View Volume 2

by Jacob P. | August 6th, 2010 | Teen Perspective

As I am writing this article from an awesome room in Jersey City, I am peering across the Hudson, with my sister, mom, and step-dad on a lovely vacation to New York City (specifically Manhattan). Now this trip reminded me of my last article, about my past travels with my grandparents. I know that travels with parents and grandparents are different, but most of the problems are the same, which I shall be writing about now. Now, here are a compilation of problems that can happen when traveling with grandparents, or anyone else.

  • I am listing this issue first because it is most definitely the most serious: not listening. This is a very broad topic because it could range from a minor discrepancy all the way to total rebellion. I have never seen a major case of not listening, but minor problems are very common. For example, while in Orlando, my cousin “did not hear” my grandmother say “stay with us”, and ran off, cause my grandparents to panic.
  • This next topic is by far the most common: stress. If you spend a period of one or more days in tight confines with your family, you most likely will end up stressed out at each other. This is nearly unavoidable, but you can try to minimize it so no one ends up at someone else’s throat. This problem happens almost every trip and is nearly unavoidable.
  • Finally, there is one problem that is pretty much grandparents’ travels specific: rule differences. When only my sister and I traveled, this didn’t happen because we had always lived under the same roof, so the same rules. Once, my cousin came along, though, this began to happen. For example, we were each given a bottle of soda for the week. Well, he was a only child, so he was not used to it, and began to drink ours, too.

Those are the big three problems when traveling with grandparents (and other adults). There are many other minor ones, but these are the biggest. Next time, I shall provide the cures. Adios.

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