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Unsafe Products for Toddlers

by T Akery | October 4th, 2012 | Infants/Toddlers

Toddlers have a fascination with small objects. Many times, they like to put objects in their mouths. The temptation is even greater if those everyday objects look like  stuff that they can eat. Especially notorious are the products with the “candy” wrappings. So, hold off on buying these products until your toddler is out of that stage and old enough to understand the difference between “candy” and cleaner.

The Pods

Tide Pods are small packages usually blue in color. They are small enough to swallow and bright enough to get the attention of a two-year-old. You also may not notice if you drop one. They are supposed to dissolve in water. But they also represent a choking hazard. If you like the Tide product, there are other liquid form options.


Cascade 2 in 1 packets look almost exactly like the Tide Pods. They are small and brightly c0lored.The problem is that this product is more likely to get stored under the kitchen sink than high on a shelf. Toddlers then have easy access. They represent both a choking and poison hazard.


Orbs is a product that looks remarkably similar to a tic tac. But unlike that candy, Orbs contains nicotine instead of sugar. This is intended to be for an adult!. A toddler who gets into this product can overdose on nicotine. This product should be kept out of purses and easy-to-reach-into pockets.


Sweet smelling or designer soaps can mimic different things. But it is when they mimic food or candy, it becomes that much more appealing to toddlers. Keep these soaps out of reach and away from the sides of the bathtub.

Many products mimic the look of candy. This often fools toddlers into thinking that they are in for a sweet treat instead of an emergency trip to the ER. The best way to avoid accidental exposure is to hold off on buying these products until your child can tell the difference. If you do have these products on hand, then make certain that they are safely stored away.  If you do find that your toddler has ingested one of these products, contact poison control immediately at 1-800-222-1222.

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