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Toddlers and Scary Movies

by T Akery | January 20th, 2014 | Care, Infants/Toddlers

when tvs attackScary movies are often a no-no for toddlers. However, there are times when your toddler might see a scene from a movie that scares them. Dealing with the issues that result from this scary viewing can take time to deal with. So, you must also be patient while confronting this issue head on.

There are several ways the effects of a scary movie can manifest themselves. The first is a general increase in anxiety and an unwillingness to do things that they could previously. It takes a lot of reassurance to get them to calm down. You can counteract some of this by employing things that are generally calming to them such as music, a special blanket or a special movie. The sooner you inject these distractions in your toddler’s brain, the less time they will have to think about what scared them.

Children’s books that address scary situations can also help them understand what they see isn’t real. There are many books that address this subject. So you can find one that your toddler will connect with to help them with their fears.

Another way to calm their anxiety is through the invention of special imagination play. The idea is to use something “special” such as a monster banishing wand, a picture of your toddler making a scary face or something that they can use to banish the bad thoughts of monster under the bed or in the closet. These things will help your toddler with taking control of the situation and help them learn to redirect their thoughts into better things.

Dealing with nightmares from the scary movie are tough. So, you have to take extra steps. Get a calming nightlight so that they can see everything is as it should be. When they do wake up, provide plenty of comfort but help them go to sleep back in their own bed. You do have to be careful about not letting them sleep in your bed because it could turn into a habit. Try to keep them in a positive frame of mind before they go to sleep with their favorite stories. You may also try giving them a special stuffed animal as well. The nightmares should fade over time. But if you are having difficulty addressing this issue, you need to consult your pediatrician.

Addressing something scary with your toddler will take patience. They won’t get over it in a day or two. But if you can address the problem from different angles, they will eventually forget about that scary movie.

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