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Tips on Washing Baby’s Hair

by T Akery | November 13th, 2013 | Care, Infants/Toddlers

baby hairBabies’ hair is a fine mess of thin hairs that does require at least some cleansing on a regular basis. While their hair doesn’t need to be washed everyday, it still needs some care. So, here are some tips to help you take care of baby’s hair.

Have everything ready ahead of time for bath time. This is so you don’t have to dry baby off to go get something and then come back to it. Make sure you have clean rinse water, baby shampoo, a cup and a washcloth.

Use only tear-free versions of baby shampoo. You don’t want to use your regular shampoo because it can be way too harsh for babies even when they do get older. They can also cause eye irritation.

Use only a tiny bit of shampoo. You don’t want to use more than a drop or two. Babies don’t have a lot of hair. So, a little shampoo does go a long way. Plus, the more you put in there, the more time it will take to wash out. Remember, most babies can only handle things for so long before they start protesting.

Rinse their hair using the cup. Try to pour in such a manner that the water flows toward the back of their head rather than in their eyes and ears. This can be a bit tricky. If you have help for bath time, then use a hand over their eyebrows to divert the water from their face. You may want to do this over their ears as well to prevent water from getting into them as well. If they do get it in their eyes, make sure to rinse it out.

If baby isn’t cooperating, then use a clean washcloth as an alternative to get the soap out. You may have to rinse your washcloth out several times. But know when your baby is done. If all of the soap isn’t out right at that moment, it is okay to take them out and dry them off. You can always get it out later on.

Washing baby’s hair is about not using too much shampoo and trying to keep the soap out of their eyes and ears. Be careful when rinsing and know when your baby is done with bath time.

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