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Tips on Toddler Photography

by Lori Sciame | March 12th, 2012 | Infants/Toddlers

I’m sure you have hundreds of photos of your child already — cherished pictures capturing the moment he or she entered the world to the present. These images chronicle the special, the funny, and maybe even the stressful times. In essence, they reflect the bond that continues to grow between you. As you keep taking these pictures, think about the future, the time when your child has grown and flown the nest. How can the right picture help you to recall your toddler just as he or she is right now?

First, think about family traditions that have significance. Does your family participate in any special religious ceremonies that you will want to document with photos? For instance, I photographed my oldest at the age of one with the minister who baptized him, and I did the same for my two younger children. I understand that some of these occasions may not allow for cameras, but many do; don’t miss out on documenting them.

Taking pictures of a child’s first steps remains a no-brainer, but there are plenty of other “firsts” that make great photo opportunities. One of my favorite pictures shows my son standing (only partially hidden) behind an oak tree in the yard. I vividly remember his giggles that day as he first understood the concept of “hide and go seek.” Other favorite pictures of my children as toddlers revolve around potty training. What’s cuter than a little one’s first time on the potty chair, book in hand, with look of concentration on her face? Well, maybe the photo of the same toddler minutes later, after she had great fun unraveling the entire roll of toilet paper!

Next, you will want capture your toddler interacting with his or her older siblings. Do they love to look at books together? Or do they dance to music as a team? These types of pictures capture expressions of love and caring. I have one especially poignant photo of my kids looking out a rain spattered window, backs to the camera. They must have been one and three at the time, and they were holding hands tightly as a summer storm passed over the house. Those tiny 10 fingers entwined gave them enough courage to face the loud booms of thunder!

Finally, don’t shy away from taking pictures of messes. Life isn’t perfect, and these types of photos provide much laughter as the years roll by. Flour spilled on her head? Mud all over his Sunday best? Toilet paper trailing from one end of the bathroom to the other? Take a deep breath, smile, and capture the moment. You won’t regret it.

As I’ve said in earlier posts, you can never take too many pictures of your child. These photographs provide a lasting record of your special time with him or her. Believe me, these toddler days don’t last forever, and when your little one has grown into an adult, you will be thankful you have so many photographs to sort through!

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