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Tips for Bath Time With Toddlers

by Tania Cowling | April 21st, 2014 | Care, Infants/Toddlers

kid in bathFrom infancy, the soothing bath repeats the secure feeling of the prebirth experience in the womb, but for toddlers it’s what fun this time brings. Little tykes enjoy making ripples, bubbles, splashes, and some don’t want the soaking time to end. Toddlers actively explore their world in the tub, making a bath the place to experiment with pouring and funneling. The bath can be a time to imitate parents doing chores or it can even be your child’s ocean. The purpose of this article is to get your little one clean, but in an enjoyable way.

Make sure your toddler has a few bath toys. They don’t have to be expensive, just a washcloth, a doll to bathe, a plastic dish, or other kitchen tools such as a baster, funnel, ladle, and a few empty plastic squeeze bottles will do. Introduce a few at a time and show how they work.

Water play in the tub not only helps you get your toddler clean, but also fosters learning. Children learn math and science concepts, as well as developing language and social skills. There are no structured lessons, just free play that lets him explore. Finding out which container holds more water, as he pours from one to the other, or seeing which float and what sinks are all perfect experiments for your little one.

Sponges can help your child set sail in the bathtub. Round off the one end of a clean rectangular sponge. Then, cut a sail from plastic or foam and punch two holes on the one edge. Thread a drinking straw through the holes and then puncture into the sponge making a nifty sailboat. Let your toddler pretend to float away on a fantastic voyage with a few floating vessels.

Try making a sensation sprinkle with a rubber balloon. Place the opening under the faucet and allow warm water to fill the balloon. The parent can pierce a few holes with a fork and now the fun begins. Tiny trickles of water will flow out and your toddler will get a kick out of running her hands through this silly stream.

Maybe your kiddo is too young to blow bubbles from a wand, but he’s able to make bubbles using a plastic cherry tomato or strawberry basket. Add a couple capfuls of bubble bath to the tub water and show him how dunking the baskets in and out the water creates bubbles through the holes.

And if you toddler is the type who likes to whip up concoctions, give her a bowl of shaving cream and a plastic spoon. Ask her to make you a whipped cream sundae or any food she desires. The fluffy white stuff is safe to use in the tub and only helps to get your child clean. I do warn you not to let your youngster put shaving cream near their eyes — it may sting.

Getting my toddlers clean was never a chore with these tricks. How about you?  Please share your ideas in our comment section below.

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