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Things a New Mom Needs for Herself

by T Akery | January 21st, 2013 | Infants/Toddlers

mom locketNew babies need a lot of things. But a new mommy needs a few things as well. Often, these things get forgotten in the rush of the moment of having a new infant. While shopping for the new baby is fun, you can’t forget that the new mommy has her own list of needed items. These things are beneficial in helping the new mom.

Nursing Bras

If the new mommy decides that breast feeding is the way too go, nursing bras are a necessity. They are designed with extra support. Some come with extra padding. Their big advantage is to provide easy access for the babies.

Nursing Pads

Nursing pads are designed to protect against incidental leakage. They are a necessity especially if a new mommy is breastfeeding. The pads help stop those embarrassing wet shirts that a new mom experiences from leakage.

Mattress Covers

Mattress covers are a great asset for new moms. They are easily washed. They protect the mattress from leakage and accidents during changes. It is far more comfortable than using other methods of keeping mattresses dry. New mommies will need one for the crib as well.

Heating Pads

There are all sorts of odd positions that new moms have to get into it. It can get a little rough on the back and other muscles. A heating pad can relieve some of the muscle aches and pains.

Favorite Treats

New moms need to treat themselves a little too. Sometimes, this is forgotten in the rush of taking care of the new baby. But new moms should indulge in their favorite snack, such as chocolate covered strawberries or Shari’s Berries, every once in awhile to boost their mood.

Personal Care Items

New mommies often forget about themselves. So, they tend to run out of personal products. A stockpile can alleviate the need to make an emergency trip to the store in pajamas. Including a bottle of nail polish or a favorite perfume can be a pleasant surprise.

Time for Themselves

New mommies are reluctant to spend time away from their new baby. But in order to be a better mommy, they do need a little bit of time to at least take a shower. Even if they don’t actually leave the house, a babysitter will allow a little time for them to breathe.

New mommies need things for themselves as well as their new baby. They are often ignored with the attention all on the baby. Make sure you add some of these things in along with your gifts to the new baby.

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