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Things to Know About the Baby Shower

by T Akery | April 4th, 2012 | Infants/Toddlers

The baby shower is a celebration of the upcoming baby and the soon-to-be mother. It is a party atmosphere where friends and family gather. It is supposed to be a fun affair where presents are given with the thoughts of both mom and baby in mind. But like any other party, it is less successful if there isn’t some sort of planning involved.

The ideal time to give a baby shower is right around the six- to seven-month mark. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first is that the sex of the baby is likely known at this point and the girl/boy theme of the shower can be planned. The second reason is that this is in the second trimester and most of the symptoms of the first trimester have passed. It is also the time most new moms realize that there is actually a baby on the way and the panic starts setting in on having everything ready. This gives them a few months for organization and getting the baby’s room perfect. For moms carrying multiple babies, the time of labor is sooner rather than later, so waiting an extra month or two might mean that the next party is not a baby shower.

Consider the new mom when planning the baby shower. If the new mom wants the baby’s gender to be a surprise, then let them have their surprise. Don’t get sneaky or try to get the doctor to tell you. Instead plan on neutral colors such as green for the baby shower decor. Even if this baby shower is a surprise, keep the wishes of the new mom in mind when planning.

Another thing to think about with the baby shower is whether or not to register at a store for presents. You must consider your guests. If you have a lot of friends with high end jobs who can afford to get you that five hundred dollar baby stroller as a gift and won’t think anything of it, then go ahead, register at the highest baby store. Otherwise, stick to the simpler stores such as Target or skip the registering altogether. Most guests are unlikely to remember that you registered for gifts or already have something in mind. While it can be fun to register, it isn’t necessary and can cause some friction if there are unmet expectations.

Baby showers are a fun way to celebrate the birth of a new family member. While they are typically filled with fun and games, they still need a little planning for all to go well. This way, your planned baby shower will have both, a happy soon-to-be new mom and happy guests.

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