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Teen’s Perspective on Video Chats

by Sam P. | December 5th, 2011 | Teen Perspective

Oovoo, Skype, Facebook, Google, whatever software you use, they are all pretty much the same. Personally, I prefer Oovoo, but I find Skype to work fairly well, too. I can’t say anything about Facebook or Google because I have never used either of them. I think the population of teenagers prefers Oovoo, not sure why, I just think they do. I only say this because most of my friends have an Oovoo, but not a Skype.

I personally think they are a great way to communicate and work on school projects. Or, say you do drama, you could get a group of kids together and study the script. As long as you only are friends with people you know, I think it is personally fine to have an Oovoo or Skype account. As any social networking account is, video chatting is all about being smart. If Kyle friends you on Oovoo and you have no clue who he is, obviously don’t accept it. And if you are in a group video call with some friends, and someone brings someone else and they start bringing other people, signal to the original few people that you don’t want all of these people (if you don’t want them all on) and create a different call.

I always say, if you feel uncomfortable doing something, don’t do it. And the same goes for video chatting. If there is someone on the call making you feel uncomfortable, make sure your friend knows, and then either make that person leave, or leave yourself. And if your friend gets mad at you for doing that, tell them that you didn’t feel comfortable. If they are a true friend, they should understand. Ya know, it is all about making smart moves and not doing anything ludicrously stupid things, because if you do, your parents do have the right to take away your video chatting privileges.

Speaking of parents, do not go behind their back and get an account without their permission. It’s reckless, somewhat unethical, and can get you in lots of trouble. If your parents don’t want you to have an account, then listen to them. Don’t go behind their back and make one against their rules; chances are they have a perfectly good reason for not letting you get one and since you went behind their back, when they find out, you will be in loads of trouble.

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